Why Massage Can Help Your Spondylolisthesis

spondylolisthesis massage

You might think that since you have a spondylolisthesis or spondylolysis that a muscular massage would not help you, but read below to understand why it might be the best thing you haven’t tried.

Today, the health segment of the news had an interesting topic. A recent study conducted by medical professionals shows that massage has several health benefits besides just feeling good.  The study was conducted on those who had strenuous workouts and then received massage. They then were compared to those who did not receive massage.

The results found that those who received massage had a decrease in inflammation and a faster rate of recovery, with less soreness. One reason being that massage activates recovery cells that help to fight inflammation.

Most people see massage as a relaxing way to feel good and release stress.

But certain types of massage can also be very benefical to your spondylolisthesis or spondylolysis. One way you can take advantage of massage is to use a foam roller.

For those of you who have read our “Beginners Guide” you know that we are strong advocates of foam rolling. If you have yet to sign up for our “Beginner’s Guide” you can do so on the sign up form located on the right hand side of this page.

Spondylolisthesis Hip Foam Roll

A simple spondylolisthesis foam rolling technique to help relieve muscular tension.

Foam rolling is basically a poor man’s massage.  You can buy a foam roller for a very affordable cost ranging from $9.99 up to the fancy one’s for $29.99. You can find them at most sporting good stores and online fitness stores.

Quick Tip……When buying a foam roller look for the more dense versions. Over time you will wear out the less dense rollers and need a replacement. Spend a few more bucks in the beginning to save in the long run.

The premise is simple. You provide the pressure with a dense piece of foam. The foam roller takes the place of the hands during a massage. You receive the benefits of the massage, without the hefty cost and tip!

This is important for those with who suffer from spondylolisthesis and spondylolysis because we have muscles that are extremely over active. The muscles become overactive due to tightness, weakness, and improper movement.

Over time stess could be applied to areas not attended to handle stress. This can lead to inflammation of the soft tissue surrounding important areas (hips, pelvis, and low back).  Once the irritation and inflammation occur, pain quickly follows.

Foam rolling can help reduce the swelling and soreness of these muscles and soft tissue and speed up recovery. You might have felt some tightness or “knots” in muscles of your hips, upper back, and even your butt. These could be a result of overuse, poor movement, and inflammed tissue .  A great way to take care of this is foam rolling.

Foam rolling is a very inexpensive way to help you recovery faster and help you to restore proper movement. It is a great step to take in your battle against spondylolisthesis or spondylolysis.

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  1. Steve
    12 months ago

    You say massage can be he;pful, but other than mentioning the foam, you don’t mention a particular type of massage that can be helpful.

    What about Shiatsu type massage done on the back and neck?

    • SpondyInfo
      12 months ago

      Hi Steve,

      Thanks for the comment and suggestion. I am not familiar with Shiatsu. I will definitely look into it more. Throughout the blog I talk about deep tissue and ART massage mainly because I am familiar with those. Thanks again for the suggestion!

 Name: Email: We respect your email privacyPowered by AWeber Email Newsletters 
 Name: Email: We respect your email privacyPowered by AWeber Email Newsletters