Video #5: Flexibility

Welcome to the fifth and final video in our series "4 Keys to a Successful Spondy Rehabilitation".

The previous videos can be found below.

Video #1: Introduction

Video #2: Mobility

Video #3: Stability

Video #4: Strength

Today's video discusses flexibility.

Flexibility is a key that science has shed some light on in the last few years. Old methods are being replaced by new ways to improve your flexibility. Some of the new techniques do not even require stretching!

In the video I explain these concepts and include a stretch to help you and your spondy. Remember, you can download each sample exercise by clicking on the blue link located below each video. This will give you instant PDF access for a clear, visible, sample exercise.



We are aware that the exercise is a little hard to view in the slide. Please click  the blue links above for access to the exercises in a PDF file. This will make viewing and performing the exercise simple!

What’s Next?

Keep an eye on your inbox over the next few days as we will send you some spondy information that will help you put to use what you have learned.

We hope this video series has improved your knowledge about your condition and proven that it IS possible to move and more importantly…feel better!

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