Video #4: Strength

Welcome to Video #4 of our 5 part series.

You can find the previous 3 videos located below.

Video #1: Introduction

Video #2: Mobility

Video #3: Stability

In today's video we are going to discuss a term that is often neglected due to it's misunderstanding. ....Strength

Most hear the term strength and think "big, bulky muslces", but that could not be further from the truth. Watch the video as I discuss more about this important key and discuss how you can achieve strength without over doing it.



We are aware that the exercise is a little hard to view in the slide. Please click  the blue link above for access to the exercise in a PDF file. This will make viewing and performing the exercise simple!

What’s Next?

Next is the fourth and final key in our series. It is a key that that has always been associated with spondy’s and lately science is showing different ways to improve it.  Unfortunately, many are still using the old, outdated ways.

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