Video #3: Stability

Welcome to Video #3 in our 5 part series.

If you missed the previous videos you can click on the links to watch them again.

Video #1: Introduction.

Video #2: Mobility.

Today we get to another extremely important key to a successful rehabilitation program....Stability.

Those with spondy's have often heard to "strengthen the core" or to "get the abs stronger", but if you don't have proper stabilization, none of those matter.

This video will explain more about stability and provide a sample exercise on how you can start to improve your stability.



We are aware that the exercise is a little hard to view in the slide. Please click  the blue link above for access to the exercise in a PDF file. This will make viewing and performing the exercise simple!

What’s Next?

Next we dive in to the fourth video which discusses the third important key in a proper spondy rehabilitation. I would be willing to bet most have failed to understand the importance of this key.

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