Video #2: Mobility

Welcome to Video 2 in our 5 part series.

If you missed Video 1: Introduction you can click on the blue link to view it.

Today we get to the good stuff! The actual keys along with sample exercises.

The first key I discuss is mobility.

Mobility is an often overlooked aspect of a proper spondy rehab program. Most are quick to work on strengthening exercises first without focusing on mobility.

This video will explain more about mobility and help clarify exactly what it is. The video also provides an exercise to help improve mobility in an often problematic area for those with spondy's.


We are aware that the exercise is a little hard to view in the slide. Please click  the blue link above for access to the exercise in a PDF file. This will make viewing and performing the exercise simple!

What’s Next?

In our Third Video we will discuss the second key which is arguably the most important and often forgotten aspect of many programs.

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