Tuesday’s Spondy Tip: Avoid The Negative Talk

When I was diagnosed with my grade 1 spondylolisthesis back in the late 90’s the internet was not around. I had nowhere to turn for information, support, or guidance.

I go back and forth on whether this was a good thing or bad thing.

My initial reaction was that it was a bad thing. The internet makes it so easy to find spondylolisthesis and spondylolysis information these days.

However, most of the information is garbage in my opinion which sometimes makes me thankful I did not have the internet during my diagnosis days.

This leads me to today’s Tuesday Spondy Tip.

Avoid the negative talk!

Yesterday I put myself in a recently diagnosed spondy patients shoes and searched the net for some answers. Every site was the same.  A little bit of information, some symptoms, and a bleak outlook.  I wasn’t on the internet more than 5 minutes and I was already down.

But what was worse in my opinion was many of the sites that provided areas for those suffering from spondy’s to communicate. It was really, really sad. I read so many horror stories of surgeries, pain, and frustration. I also saw a ton of terrible advice.  Not only did it frustrate me, but it put me in a horrible state of mind. I actually had to catch myself and leave the sites.

Little boy looking scared

I have a theory when it comes to communication on internet websites and I have no data to back up my thought but I am pretty confident in it. I believe people are much more likely to share horrible/negative experiences on the internet than great experiences. The anger, confusion, frustration and fear are far greater motivators than feeling healthy and happy.

Therefore you are going to run into many, many bad stories but few great ones. But believe me, there are plenty of great spondy stories!

All of the negative talking makes it hard to focus or concentrate on what you need to do. Having a positive outlook is more than half of the battle when it comes to moving and feeling better from your spondylolisthesis or spondylolysis.  

Remember, most of the people on these sites may have had one bad experience or maybe they haven’t even looked for help yet.  Be careful when taking advice from these people.  And most importantly, remember that all spondy’s are NOT the same. So just because one person has a horrible experience trying something to help their spondy does not mean you will as well.

Avoid the negative talk and stay positive. It helps your chances of feeling better improve dramatically!

Think about this topic for a second and post something positive below about your situation. Even if you are struggling with pain and frustration try to find some positive and post it below in the comment section for others to read. A little bit of positive can go a LONG way.

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  1. Carolyn Akers
    4 years ago

    I totally agree with Jason. Staying positive creates positive healing energy. Staying consistent with exercise and finding valuable resources is key. Thanks Jsson for this great tip!)

    • Spondy
      4 years ago

      No problem Carolyn. Thank you for commenting and I hope the site is helping!

 Name: Email: We respect your email privacyPowered by AWeber Email Newsletters 
 Name: Email: We respect your email privacyPowered by AWeber Email Newsletters