Spondy Inflammation And Rehab/Working Out

Inflammation of surrounding soft tissue is a very common side effect of having a spondylolisthesis or spondylolysis and can lead to some very painful times.

Inflammation is such a common thing with spondy’s we want to take some time to touch on a common question many of our readers have…..

People want to know if they should start or begin exercise or movement work if they are currently having a ton of pain related to spondy inflammation.

Assuming that you have already visited a medical professional for a proper diagnosis and you have been prescribed to perform rehab work the FIRST thing you should do is get your inflammation under control.

The reason is simple.

If you attempt to perform exercise, movement work, stretching, etc. with tons of inflammation more often times than not you will be compensating due to all of the inflammation and pain.

woman on back bending poseThe exercises you are performing are intended to attack and stress certain areas that are crucial for proper functioning of muscles, ligaments and tissues. If you have severe inflammation, even with the simplest of exercises you will most likely compensate and force other areas to assist in the exercise. This could lead to poor motor control and even more pain down the road.

You compensations may be an attempt to avoid pain or may even be in the presence of fear of what they movement may bring. Whatever the case, when you start to develop compensations, bad things can happen.

It is important to understand you do not have to be completely pain free, but you need to be able to function without the horrible pains associated with inflammation of the soft tissues surrounding your injured area.

These past posts below will help you not only understand inflammation, but they will provide you with ways of settling it down so you can focus on improving how you move.

These three posts will get you started and on the right path to understanding more about your flare ups and will also provide you with ways to go about reducing them.

Remember; get the inflammation under control before you begin a dedicated spondylolisthesis exercise program or else your compensations may only make things worse.

Follow our tips on 5 ways you can reduce your spondylolisthesis inflammation and let us know how it goes. Comment below to let us and others know about any questions or issues you are having with inflammation or pain related to your spondylolisthesis or spondylolysis.

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