4 More Everyday Enemies of Spondylolisthesis

spondylolisthesis enemy

Our last post titled “5 Everdyay Enemies of Spondylolisthesis” got a few good email questions from our readers.

This got me to thinking of a few more daily enemies that I have come across over the years that played a negative role on my spondylolisthesis.

I have experienced pain from a multitude of sources and discovering these sources along with correcting them has been a real key for me to avoid the pain associated with having a spondylolisthesis.

The purpose of this post and the previous post is to stimulate thought and help you notice possible behavorial or physical patterns that might be leading to your spondylolisthesis or spondylolysis pain.

Here are 4 more everyday enemies that may be affecting your back pain…

1. Fat wallets

This is mainly for guys who obviously carry around a wallet in their back pocket.  But it could pertain to other articles in pockets as well.  I personally carry around one of the smaller wallets that only holds my license, a few cards and cash. But in the past I had one of those fat wallets that held almost everything.

spondylolisthesis enemy

Avoid crammed or stuffed wallets to help minimize spondylolisthesis pain.

These fat wallets fold over and create a 2-3” lump in your back pocket.  I learned my lesson the hard way and quickly got rid of this fat wallet.

The trouble occurs when you sit for a period of time. The lump in your back pocket causes a shift in your positioning. Naturally one hip is raised due to the fat wallet.

If you stay seated for large periods of time this lump can cause your body to shift and compensate. This can place stressors on your low back by creating havoc on the muscles and tissues that are crucial for moving and feeling good.

Make sure you pay attention to large objects in your back pockets. They can lead to shifting, compensations, and additional pain.

2. Holding babies

My wife and I are experiencing all of the joys of parenthood with our 14 month old baby boy (he is now technically a toddler). We have been very lucky to have a healthy baby and in my opinion have handled the normal issues that first time parents experience very well. Being prepared helped. We took classes, talked to friends and read books.

But all of the classes, books and internet forums did not prepare us for the pain associated with holding a 20 lb toddler for prolonged periods of time!

I am sure you experienced mothers and fathers know what I am talking about, the position where you balance the baby on one hip and shift all of your weight to one side to compensate. Usually you are holding the baby in this position while you try to multi-task .  (SEE PHOTO AT TOP OF PAGE)

This position puts a ton of stress on your hips and low back.

This position may not be a problem for someone who is structural stable, but for those who suffer from spondylolisthesis, spondylolysis, or back pain this position can be VERY painful!

For those having a baby or currently have one, be cautious of this position. It can cause a few days of pain if you are not careful!

3. Watching T.V.

This is something I am sure we all have done. It’s not just the watching that is dangerous it is how you do it.

Especially if you watch for a prolonged period of time you can forget about your posture and slowly slump into a very poor position.

spondylolisthesis enemy

Yesterday I was watching a college basketball game and halfway through the first half I realized I had completely shifted and slumped way down into our comfortable couch. I was leaning towards my right side with my with my right hand supporting my lazy head.

I was so immersed into the game I had no idea that sitting like this for a prolonged amount of time would certainly create some kind of negative reaction.

Watching T.V. and other seated activites such as video games that completely consume your attention can lead to hours of sitting and hidden problems for your low back.

To battle this I try to get up during commercials and move around. Even if I just stand up and perform a quick stretch or walk to the bathroom, the movement reminds me to keep decent posture more often than not.

4. Backpacks

This is one of the fastest growing problems I see with young kids. I have worked with several youth athletes who attend such large schools they are forced to carry around loads of books due to the inability to make it to their lockers and back in-between classes.

Backpacks are also bigger and bulkier than ever before to accommodate the massive loads kids are carrying.

These books act like 5 lb weights on structurally unstable backs that force them into horrible postures. The posture that is forced on them places great strain on the low back.  It also aids in creating tight and weak muscles throughout the body.

Parents, be cautious of the amount of books and equipment your kids carry around every day.  Surprisingly, carrying around such heavy bags all day can make spondy pain much, much worse.

You now have a good list of everyday enemies that may affect your spondylolisthesis. If you enjoyed this articles, please share it.

We also encourage you to leave a comment below and share daily things that may give your spondylolisthesis or spondylolysis fits.

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