Are you ready to take control of your spondylolisthesis?

Welcome to – a website and community created by a spondy patient with content specifically designed to help other spondy patients.

The goal of is simple:
To educate others who have been frustrated and confused by this condition. I am going to share with you what I have learned in my Spondylolisthesis journey to help you move and feel better.


My name is Justin Adkins. This is a picture of me holding my son at the zoo; something that would have been very painful to do during the height of my spondy pain. Read more about me.

Through my own journey of getting help for my condition, I found that there was simply nowhere for people to go for answers and quality information. And even worse, people had no clue how to move and feel better. They only knew what little information they had heard from their doctor or what they happened to come across on the web.

The one thing that will help you the most in your recovery is improving your knowledge of YOUR body and YOUR specific spondy situation. I have assembled many resources that will help you do that. I encourage you to change your thought process away from looking for that one exercise or stretch that might help you, and instead focus on the big picture. Every spondy situation is different and you need to improve your overall knowledge and movement to provide yourself with the best chances of moving and feeling better.

I welcome you to look around this site and learn about your condition and ways you can go about improving how you move and feel.

The best ways to use this site:

  • The easiest way is by signing up for the free eBook3 Things Every Spondy Patient Needs To Know” and a series of informational emails, which will keep you updated on the latest spondy news and information.
  • You can also visit our blog full of spondy-specific content, my personal experience, exercises, stretches, and much more.
  • To further help you, I constructed a very useful Spondy Toolbox, filled with helpful spondy resources, books, information and other tools assisting you in your spondy journey.
  • Feel free to reach out to me via email at with any questions or concerns you may have.

I hope I can be of help during your spondy journey, and I’m always here to answer your questions.

Justin Adkins, FMS, USAW
Co-founder of