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Welcome to…A website  created by a spondy patient with content specifically designed to help spondy patients .

My name is Justin Adkins and I am the co-creator of and the lead contributor for our blog.

This is a picture of me holding my son at the zoo. Something that would have been very hard and painful to do during the height of my spondy pain.

My spondy battle started when I was a teenager and I was first diagnosed with a “spondy” (short for spondylolisthesis or spondylolysis) after severe back pain forced me to visit a doctor.

I quickly found out just how frustrating having a spondy can be. Like you, I was frustrated, in constant pain, and always searching for answers.

There was no one or place to go for answers to my questions. My doctors provided little information and spent little time providing me with answers. To make things worse I experienced multiple failed rehab visits using various methods over the years.

It was not until I started to learn about this condition and my body that I started to move and feel better. I read books, researched rehab methods, and majored in exercise science in college with the goal of learning about the human body and helping others in mind.

I spent over 10 years in the field of strength and conditioning. I was able to apply what I was learning to my own situation and slowly but surely move and feel better.  Along the way, I also worked with and helped several that suffered from spondy’s.  From teenage athletes to middle age office workers I quickly realized how everybody had the same questions and problems I had about spondy’s.

There was simply nowhere for people to go for answers and quality information. And even worse, people had no clue how to move and feel better. They only knew what little information they heard from their doctor or what they stumbled across in websites.

So I partnered up with someone who provided me with a ton of help in my recovery process and we created a site dedicated for those with spondylolisthesis and spondylolysis.

The goal of is simple….

To inform, educate and help those who have been frustrated, confused and affected by this condition. To do this I am going to share with you what I have learned along with various other tidbits of spondy info. that may give you what you need to move and feel better.

Our site is more than just a list of spondylolisthesis exercises or stretches that may or may not help you. To move and feel better from your spondy you have to understand YOUR body and YOUR specific spondy situation.

Simply performing one or two stretches or exercises will not improve your condition long term. It takes much more than that.

I encourage and welcome you to click through our site and learn about your condition and ways you can go about improving how you move and feel.

The best and most simplistic way to do so is by SIGNING UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTER AND FREE EBOOK – “3 Things Every Spondy Patient Needs To Know“. Our Newsletter will keep you updated with the latest blog posts, spondy news and information. And our Ebook is a great resource that explains three things that every spondy patients need to know, but most do not.

You can also visit our BLOG which is full of spondy specific content, my personal stories, exercises, stretches, and much, much more.

To further help you we constructed a very useful SPONDY TOOLBOX. This toolbox is full of helpful spondy resources, books – such as our very own SPONDY HOME EXERCISE PROGRAM, information and other “tools” that can aid you in your spondy battle.

Most importantly, along the way be interactive with us and other spondy patients, the more questions you ask, the more you and others will learn from your questions. After reading any of our hundreds of blog posts, simply ask your questions in the comment section below each post and we will quickly get back to you.

Before you begin searching our site, let me offer you one more helpful tip:

The one thing that will help you the most in your recovery is improving your education of YOUR body and YOUR specific spondy situation.  We have a ton of articles, videos, and links that will help you do so. I encourage you to change your thought process away from looking for that one exercise or stretch that might help you and instead, focus on the big picture. Every spondy situation is different and you need to improve your overall knowledge and improve your overall movement to provide yourself with the best chances of improving how you move and feel.

Best of all feel free to reach us via email at with any questions or concerns you may have. We are always here to answer your questions.

I hope you enjoy the site,

Justin Adkins ,FMS, USAW

Co-Founder of Reader Comments…

“Thank you! I finally found a doctor who told me what I had. My pain is know manageable and under control. Your information sharing is very helpful.”

– VB

“You may recall that a severe Spondy flare up on my 74 year old body last March caused me to reevaluate my condition and seek a knowledgeable and skilled MD., and with your help, locate a skilled physical therapist who knows exactly how to proceed. It is helpful to have access to an informed forum which shares information about Spondy (for that I thank you).”


“I swear your information is the only hope I have found since being diagnosed in July of this year. You have given me knowledge, resources, tools and a lot of hope. I’ve mixed them all together and now have the determination of getting better and staying better so I can one day be “me” again and regain my quality of life. THANK YOU! I’m so grateful that you are sharing the knowledge that you acquired.”


“Thank you so much. Your website has changed my life and my outlook.”


“I was diagnosed with a grade 1 spondy this past summer. Before that I was struggling with intense pain and mobility restrictions for about 18 months. I travelled from practitioner to practitioner and got very little help or information. I have learned more from the little bit I’ve read from you than years of doctor’s visits. Thank you so much!”


“I have been searching for a long time to find some kind of resource to help me out.  I think your website may be it.  It has provided me some hope and motivation, and I thank you for that.  I will certainly be checking it routinely.  Thanks again for your help; as a result of items I found on your site, I have arranged for a local appointment tomorrow for a functional movement assessment.  I definitely feel as if my body is compensating and it is to the point that I am getting pretty uncomfortable.”


“You have NO IDEA how much your web site has helped me with understanding and “treating” my spondylolisthesis. Looking forward to all your help and information and wanting you to know how much I appreciate this web site and you.”


“Love your website and all the great info. It has been a most useful resource that I greatly appreciate.”


“I purchased your package and really found it to be helpful for my Spondy. I also did the FMS and the sports medicine professional showed me a way to do vertical planks which got my core strong enough to now do horizontal planks. I used to have to quit racquetball after the first game because of hamstring pain but thanks to you and others I can now play for an hour.”


“Just wanted to drop you a line and tell you what I have learned from your site in just a few days is more than my doctor and surgeon has told me in the past year. Apparently the only thing my doc wants to tell me, is to have surgery. Because of your site, I cancelled the follow up with the surgeon and found myself a doc that is certified in ART…I am a grade two and have failed in rehab twice…but I am going to keep trying…Thanks to the new information your site has brought to me.”


“Thank you so much for your website and very informative emails. I am also one of the many ‘spondys’ out there. I must say that from everything that I have read your website and eBook are definitely the most informative things I have read so far.”


“Thank you for setting up your website. It has been very helpful. As a lifelong spondy suffer feeling alone and thinking no one else has your condition can be very depressing. Your website, along with articles and suggestions positively impacted my life. Thank you.”


 “I have received your newsletter. It is very helpful. Thank you very much on sharing this valuable experiences.”


“After a year of mis-diagnosis (told it was SI Joint dysfunction but X Rays show no problem) I have been told I have Grade1 25% stable Spondylolisthesis. I have had constant pain but I’m now with a Chiropractor & after nearly a month of treatment I’m beginning to get small periods of time without pain! I really find your emails helpful & I am highly motivated to help myself to recovery. I hate being limited by this. Many thanks anyway and I look forward to more emails!”


“You have been very helpful with all your information. It is a year since I was diagnosed. I have a great doc and great physical therapists. I have been so happy since i found you with all your great ideas. Since i work out of my home, i can put a lot of them into practice.”


“Just a quick email to tell you how much I appreciate the fabulous information you provide on your site and emails. I have been dealing with a spondy for 2 years now. I had to give up running, which I greatly enjoyed. Not one single doctor offered any hope that I might ever be able to run for exercise again. I have used multiple physical therapists – all very nice, but none especially helpful in reducing pain. I have experienced pain 24/7 for 2 years. On top of that, I now have a torn rotator cuff. Not too surprisingly, much of this is related. I finally consulted with a Functional Movement Specialist today and was pleasantly surprised and feel like I’ve finally found someone who wants to address ALL the issues I’m having. I would not have known to check with this professional had it not been for the encouragement and links on your website. I am finally hopefull that maybe I can be pain free in the future and possibly run on a limited basis. Thank you for offering so generously what you know and have learned through personal experience.”


“I very much appreciate you and your site and the time you seem to dedicate to informing and helping people. I only came upon your website a few weeks ago and again I must compliment you on the wonderful service you’re providing. I look forward to your communications and to reading what others have to say. Very valuable.”


” Your website has been a tremendous help! Thank you!!!!”


“You are awesome and have helped me so much!”


“Thank you so much.”


” I finally found a physical therapist that I really trusted and he helped me! He did a movement analysis (you are so right about the importance of this) and he had so much experience with spine treatment that I trusted his judgement. My back pain is largely gone.”


“Thank you so much Justin! These stretches are just what I needed. Your posts are very helpful.”


“I am so very grateful for the help I’ve been given through you.”


“Thank you so much for this website, it has helped me learn a lot about my spondy (much more than I have learnt from my doctors/physiotherapists/chiropractors in the past 2 years).”


“I am glad I’ve found this site. It’s given me a new found hope that I can get stronger and eliminate some of this pain!”


“I was just released from physical therapy last week. I went through eight weeks with a therapist certified in SFMA. I feel better but I also know that this is not an injury that suddenly just gets better. I wish it were. I’m working in the gym and at home 3X-5X per week. I do yoga once per week and strength training as well. My spondy is a grade 1. My recommendation: Go to someone certified in SFMA; Do thy drills and exercises faithfully and with a cheerful countenance but also recognize that it’s a journey and it will take some time. I’m still in the early stages of mine but this website has been very helpful, particularly recommending an SFMA professional. That, alone, was worth a decent amount of out of pocket cost.”


“A year ago i started feeling numbness in my left foot whenever I walked more than 50 meters. After going to the doctor, he told me to take x rays and a CAT scan. When i went back, he told me I have a spondy grade 2 and a nerve impingement. He told me i needed surgery (fixation with titanium nails, ($18,000). Later, i visited 5 more neurosurgeons and all of them wanted to operate me in the same way. After googling, i found Justin´s page, and i decided not to go through surgery but therapy and exercises. After 7 months, i can say that i am living my normal life, doing sports and swimming and have no more the spondy. This i know because of a second CAT scan. My spondy went from 2 to 0.5. and i didnt have surgery. I can deal with my nerve impingement. Thanks again Justin!!”


“Thank you Justin. We just got back from a cruise and your exercises kept the pain down to a minimum which made my trip enjoyable.”


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